Alibi V.13 No.26 • June 24-30, 2004 

Culture Shock

Cooper Lee Bombardier, in league with the Devil
Cooper Lee Bombardier, in league with the Devil

Everyone from filmmakers to spoken worders to slammers, fire throwers, drag acts, musicians, visual artists and satirical clowns have hopped onto the stage at Backroads Pizza over the past year. They've come to Santa Fe's new hipster hangout at the invitation of the legendary Cooper Lee Bombardier, a transgender visual artist and performer who hosts a monthly queer and trans performance cabaret called Lisp.

Bombardier has performed by himself and with the legendary feminist spoken word troupe Sister Spit at venues all over the country. He recently migrated to Santa Fe after abiding in San Francisco for nine years.

Lisp is his unruly brainchild. The cabaret is designed to provide a performance space for artists who don't quite fit in at mainstream performance environments. Is it wild? Is it wacky? Is it a menace to respectable society? You bet your butt it is.

The monthly event is designed to showcase queer and transgender performers, but each installment thus far has also featured at least one straight performer allied, body and soul, with the queer and trans communities. Lisp occurs the last Friday of every month at Backroads Pizza (1807 Second Street, Santa Fe, (505) 955-9055). This Friday, June 25, at 8 p.m. Lisp will feature performance poet Sini Anderson—of Sister Spit fame—along with Santa Fe's own Chopper Sick Balls and the burlesque bombshell Miss September Smith. Bombardier suggests that observers donate anywhere from $3 to $10 at the door, although he insists no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Roll on up to Santa Fe for the occasion. You will be entertained. Oh, yes. You will be entertained.