With Mammal Eggs And Lionhead Bunny

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Wednesday, June 7, Out ch’Yonda Performance Space/Omnirootz. (all-ages, 8 p.m); $5: At one point I thought calling music “experimental” was like calling music “alternative;” just a meaningless categorization for the unimaginative. And for awhile I did know a handful of people around Albuquerque who made music out of glitch beats, calling it experimental.

Then I studied John Cage–his chance operations and ambient sound, the way he would light paper on fire and print it–and avant-garde art in general. One professor told me that the avant-garde was dead and I became obsessed with finding out if that was true. Is there and will there ever be anything truly new in art? What I determined was that if the avant-garde is dead, it’s not dead forever.

Experimental music, like that which will be performed tonight, if only partially, is the avant-garde in action. The music questions music and performance itself and revolves around the outcome, not an ego-driven rehearsal. And if it’s not avant-garde, it’s pleasantly unusual, at least.

Animental is a three-woman animal-costumed multimedia performance, imported from Brooklyn, N.Y., and Philadelphia, Pa., which tells a tale of animal purity and the corruption of man. It is “both an old-timey story and future myth.” With live and prerecorded sound, dance and props, among other things, the performance is sure to be fascinating, especially since it is accompanied by Mammal Eggs (experimental/glam/country) and new transplants from Chicago, Lionhead Bunny (experimental/folk/comedy). Both are said to be mind-blowing, always different and possibly the most interesting thing happening in Albuquerque right now. So go and feast your eyes on what just might be the avant-garde.
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