Atomic Café: Songs In The Key Of Uranium-235

Songs In The Key Of Uranium-235

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Atomic CafŽ
Copa Room showgirl Lee Merlin poses in a cotton mushroom cloud swimsuit as she is crowned “Miss Atomic Bomb 1957.” Merlin was the last and most famous of the Miss Atomic Bomb girls. (Don English/Las Vegas News Bureau)
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New Mexico’s nuclear history is fascinating. I first met contributing writer Mike Smith—who wrote this week’s arts feature, We Are All Going to Die in a Fiery Nuclear Accident—and food editor Ty Bannerman in UNM professor Gerald Vizenor’s mixed-level American studies course, The Atomic Bomb: Los Alamos to Hiroshima. As you can imagine, the coursework—A/V, scholarship and literature—was intense. Here, we present a Spotify playlist of lighter sonic fare, with an emphasis on kitsch and the absurd.

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