Culture Shock

Steven Robert Allen
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All right. This is probably the cutest darn story I've heard in a long time. Dylan Cast is a 7-year-old first grader at Montezuma Elementary School. Like most of us, when Dylan learned of the destruction caused by the recent tsunami he was utterly appalled. Unlike most of us, he vowed to actually do something about it.

For a while, he toyed with the idea of making some clay animals to sell to raise funds for the kids whose lives were ruined by the tsunami. He soon realized that this wouldn't be practical. So Dylan drew a simple picture and, with the help of his mom, Amanda, and the family computer, designed a logo. The pair eventually transformed this logo into a T-shirt with the words “Kids Helping Kids, Tsunami Relief Fund.” With all the savvy of a budding entrepreneur, he wore that first T-shirt to school. The other kids flocked to him, told him how cool they thought it was and asked how they could get one for themselves.

So Dylan and his mom began pumping out T-shirts. They're currently selling short sleeve versions for $10 and long sleeve versions for $12 for kids ages 3 months to 14 years. Adults can get their hands on an adult-size shirt by special request. Because Dylan was particularly disturbed by the destruction caused to the lives of children, they decided that all proceeds beyond the physical cost of the shirt and iron-on decal would be sent directly to Do Something, an organization that helps rebuild schools and medical clinics.

Don't you wish your own kid were that cool? You can get your hands on one of Dylan's shirts either by calling Amanda at 265-0911 or by stopping by Aquí Nob Hill, a new store located at 101 Bryn Mawr SE (255-2926).

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