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Words Afire

Amy Dalness
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An installation by Karl Hofmann opening at SCA Contemporary
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The full-blown Words Afire Festival is still a few months away, so the UNM Department of Theatre and Dance is hosting a teaser event with the help of The Drama League of New York. The Drama League, an association of emerging professional directors, has teamed up with UNM’s playwriting department to offer a series of readings from plays selected for the 2009 Words Afire Festival. The readings take place at the former Fine Arts Library at UNM and the National Hispanic Cultural Center through Sunday, Nov. 9. There is no cost to attend any of the readings, which highlight five works by playwrights from the UNM dramatic writing program. For complete details, visit, call 277-4332 or check the Alibi’s Arts Calendar.

Culture Shock

“Improvised soap opera” almost sounds like an oxymoron. Aren’t soap operas incredibly calculated and scripted by nature? Not so, say the improvisers at The Box Performance Space (1025 Lomas NW), who are bringing "The Q" back to Burque. Love triangles, porno police, murderous plots and power-hungry politicians abound in the completely unscripted, more real than "Real World," made-up-on-the-spot soap opera that is "The Q." Catch an episode every Friday night at 9 p.m. starting Friday, Nov. 7, through Dec. 5. Call 404-1578 for ticket prices and info.

Come to The Box a bit earlier for a double header and see Mild Peril’s new sketch comedy show,
Choose Your Own Show Title . The performance (I’ll name it Fish Sticks and Ale ) runs for two nights only, Nov. 7 and 8, at 8 p.m.

Culture Shock First Friday Crawl

An installation by Karl Hofmann opening at SCA Contemporary
It’s that time of the month again—time to hit the streets and trek your way to cultural enlightenment. This first Friday, like many first Fridays before it, ushers in a googolplex of gallery openings around the Duke City. What it means to you, art seeker, is a reception at nearly every art space in town from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 7. For a list of events, scan our Arts Calendar or visit
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