Culture Shock

Erin Adair-Hodges
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Well, it’s become clear—this "Internet" is here to stay. I was dubious for 11 or 12 years, but looks like this thing’s got legs. The Alibi ‘s long made the print version of our paper available online, along with our late-breaking, trend-making, controversy-stoking blogs. And now there’s more. In addition to what you see in the paper, the Arts and Literature section will feature weekly online-exclusive content at, such as:

• "I on Books" vlog: Two-minute reviews with a book snob, a giant chair, guest readers and sometimes prizes, new every Tuesday. The inaugural edition tore
The Other Boleyn Girl a new hole. This week’s vlog tells you what to think about Sandra Cisneros’ Caramelo.

• Internal Affairs: Our interns invite you to experience art from the perspective of the young and unpaid. Every week, “Gallery Box” will feature a different gallery, focusing on its mission, scope and work. The goal is to highlight what’s going on in galleries outside of openings. This week, Hayley Richardson dishes on the Trillion Space. And in keeping with our feverish love of the written word, the well-read Sarah M. Kramer reviews the book
Esther’s Inheritance by Hungarian writer Sándor Márai.

At, you can also post comments on any of the pieces you read. Part of art’s importance is its ability to inspire conversation, so log on and conversate with us.
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