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Erin Adair-Hodges
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Steve White: man or myth?
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Is it White History Week again already? You know, even though the stores are filled with decorations, it sneaks up on me every year. White History Week , rather than a reiteration of the sort of rich white male history that takes up most weeks of the year, seeks to explore how racial identity is constructed and defined. The events, which take place Wednesday, April 15, through Tuesday, April 21, include workshops, poetry readings, theater performances and a Shabbat dinner. If you’re interested in truly investigating race and racism (and apparently, just because Obama is president does not mean racism is dead), then go to for more information about events, places, times and topics.

And our favorite White,
Steve White, invites you to train or carpool up to the City Different to see his famous Pez Suit, complete with a crown, now on display at Todos Santos Chocolates & Confections (125 E. Palace, Suite 131). Aside from being an amazing chocolatier and confectioner, everything Todos Santos sells comes in boxes that are akin to tiny folk art masterpieces. It’s a perfect match for White’s decidedly unique melding of candy dispensers and folk portraiture. Chocolate. Steve White’s Pez art. I assume you’re on your way right now.

Chocolate … Easter. Easter is in April, and April is
National Poetry Month . Far from just being a reason to force students to memorize "The Road Not Taken," National Poetry Month has become a celebration of sharing art. Events are popping up everywhere, but may we recommend heading over to the Main Library on Saturday, April 11, to take part in a poetry reading from 1 to 3 p.m.? Along with featured readers, there will be an open mic session, all of which is presented in conjunction with the library’s exhibit Hand in Hand —handmade books that are the result of collaborations between poets and book artists. See for more.
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