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Haiku! Bless You.

Erin Adair-Hodges
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The Alibi ‘s annual Haiku Contest is finally here, so you can stop bugging me about it (and calling me Amy while you do so). As always, 10 categories offer you the chance to wax pithy, succinctly. This year, they are:

Traditional Haiku

Haiku About Dirt

Haiku About Nursery Rhymes

Haiku About the Undead (vampires, zombies, ghosts, you get it)

Haiku About the Recession

Haiku That’s Also a Jingle

Haiku About Michael Jackson

Haiku About Sopaipillas

Haiku About Cryptids

Miscellaneous Haiku

Rules: Entries must be 17 syllables in lines of 5-7-5. You may submit up to two haiku in each category. Send your wee musings in the body of an e-mail to, along with your name and contact info. The deadline is noon on Friday, Aug. 28. As it’s 2009, no snail mail this year. In that spirit, though, you can send your haiku via Twitter. I think it’s called tweeting. Or twitting. If, for some reason, you know what I’m talking about, you’ll understand this example:

@weeklyalibi "Inspired haiku | Please follow this formatting | Alibi contest"

Winners will receive mind-blowingly awesome prize packages and will be published in our Sept. 10 issue. Good luck!

Culture Shock Get Some Tail

I was never an animal person. We weren’t allowed to have pets growing up because, according to my dad, they would die and we would cry. But about 11 months ago, my hubby and I went to an Animal Humane adoption event and met Lulu the dog. I’m afraid I’m not exaggerating when I say that Lulu is my true love. Every day I wonder how I managed to get through life before her hole-digging, butt-shaking pure goodness came my way. Help Animal Humane’s matchmaking mission continue by attending its Art for the Animals fundraiser, hosted by our favorite weatherman, Steve Stucker. The Saturday, Aug. 1 event begins at 6 p.m. at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (1701 Fourth Street SW) and will feature an auction of art, jewelry, ceramics and more, including animal paintings by students at Bosque School. There will be food, drink and animal celebrities, who I’m sure will paw your autograph books. Tickets are $60, and proceeds go to support the care of New Mexico’s homeless pets. Call 938-7939 for tix, or get them at the door. See for more.

Culture Shock Correction

Last week, one of our picks looked at the Ghost of Sheriff Milton Yarberry, a magic show at the Illusions Magic Parlor (3205 Central NE). We mistakenly listed the event as free, when in fact it costs $10 and IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. The Alibi regrets the error. Go to or call 255-2303 for more information.
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