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Steven Robert Allen
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All right, all you art-savvy hipsters. This one's for you. Magnífico Young Collectors is a membership organization serving youngish art lovers ages 21 to 40. If you fork out some cash for a membership the money goes to support the arts in Downtown Albuquerque. The fee for this year is $100.

And what, pray tell, do you get in return?

Well, for one thing, you'll get exclusive access to various areas of the Albuquerque arts scene. The group plans behind-the-scenes tours of places like the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the Albuquerque Museum and SITE Santa Fe. They host wine tastings at 516 Magnífico Artspace, as well as private tours of Magnífico exhibits and the houses of prominent Albuquerque art collectors.

This Saturday, Feb. 21, the Young Collectors will host their first gallery tour. Here's how it works. Andrew Connors, the senior curator at the National Cultural Center, will lead an interactive tour through three of the best contemporary art spaces in and around Downtown. Connors will take participants to Trevor Lucero Studio, a new gallery, to check out work by Lucero and Larry Bob Philips. Then he'll jump over to The Walls to look at An Attempt to Contain, an installation by Shannon Hayes. Then it's over to [AC]2 to see That's Amore, a show featuring love-themed work by eight different artists.

Finally, and perhaps most critically, Sullivan will lead his courageous crew to Chef de Jour for a private brunch created specially for the gallery tour. Great art and great food, all in one day? How can this be so? Don't ask, friends. Just wallow in the lovely fact that you live in a world where such things are possible.

I've been told that the tour may not be appropriate for young children, or over-sensitive adults who don't get out very often, due to the explicit nature of some pieces on display. The tour kicks off at 10 a.m. and will last until 2 p.m. or so. For non-members, the cost is a mere $25. RSVP by contacting Erin at 242-8244 or e-mailing her at

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