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Steven Robert Allen
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If it seems hard to believe that it's already been a year since Steve White's last Yardfest, that's because it hasn't. Although White's beloved front-yard celebration of all things folksy is usually held in early September, he pushed it forward this year to Saturday, May 1, to accommodate a trip he plans to make in September to another folk festival in Georgia.

Albuquerque's own folk art hootenanny features dozens of artists peddling their wares in White's front yard. Yardfest is the ideal place to pick up killer folk art on the cheap whether your tastes favor topless aliens, bottle cap earrings or shrines to the late, great Johnny Cash.

This year, participating artists will include C.M. and Grace Kelly Laster, Kenny Chavez, Ramona Hotel, Clay Sheff, David St. James, Goldie Garcia, Hellhound, White himself and plenty more. There'll also be lots of kick-bum music by the likes of Tom Bodean, Daddy Long Loin, Jasper, Los Viejos con Sus Amigos, the Shine Cherries and Young Edward.

Come for the art. Come for the music. Make damn sure you come for the highlight of Yardfest 2004—the hillbilly biathlon, an epic pie-eating and seed-spitting contest. Arkansas Dave will defend the prestigious title of King of All Hillbillies, but lord knows the competition will be stiff.

Yardfest takes place at White's Folk Farm at 445 Louisiana Blvd. SE from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The event, as always, is absolutely free. Yee-haw!

Call 232-2311 for details.

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