Culture Shock

Steven Robert Allen
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For years, Mark Garcia collected random found objects but had no idea why. These things just piled up in his home until, just a few years ago, he decided to manipulate them into a series of shadowboxes.

“These objects became symbols and metaphors for certain human behaviors and beliefs,” says Garcia. “Compositions arose out of experimenting and juxtaposing the objects with one another until a message was attained that I found profound enough to make it into a work of art.”

Some of these boxes are designed to be light-hearted. Others have a more serious theme. An exhibit of Garcia's art called Just Incase opens this Friday, May 13, with a reception from 5 to 8 p.m. at Offcenter Gallery (808 Park SW) and runs through May 31. For details, call 247-1172.

Culture Shock

In a new exhibit, Really Not Real, Really, [AC]2 (301 Mountain NE), two local artists explore the role of artificiality in artistic creation. Tim Jag's “Industry Code Series” is a project he started four years ago using sculpture, paintings and drawings to delve into the influence of industry on our lives. Jag likes to play with melding machines, plants and animals in a way that's both mysterious and accessible.

In a similar manner, Matt Jones' work attempts to create a bridge between science and religion. His series “Organized Complexity” includes forms that are meant to resemble the mechanisms that serve as the foundation for all life.

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