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Steven Robert Allen
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"Noon Blueboy Wind” by Sam Scott
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Painting is Dead?— In discussions about contemporary art, you occasionally hear mutterings that painting is an old-fashioned medium that’s outlived its usefulness. In an age of photographic, cinematic, digital and multimedia creation, who needs quaint ol’ paint?

A new exhibit at the University Art Museum curated by longtime Albuquerque contemporary art advocate Jonathan Abrams disabuses viewers of this notion. The work of eight artists—Zachariah Rieke, the recently deceased Agnes Martin, Sam Scott, Susan Rothenberg, Richard Hogan, Jim Wald, Forrest Moses and Eugene Newmann—shows that the flexibility and range of this timeless medium won’t be buried any time soon. In fact, some of the most fascinating innovations in the history of painting are occurring right at this very moment.

Abrams is a dedicated collector of modern art. He’s curated three previous shows at the University Art Museum. He says he found threads of interrelation connecting these eight artists which illuminate the power of painting. This major show deserves your immediate attention.

Painting: Alive and Well opens this Friday, June 2, with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. It runs through Sept. 24. For details, call 277-7312.

"Flower Taster" by Jim Waid

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