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Steven Robert Allen
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“Eagle Dancer” by Raymond Sandoval
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Pride Art— For the fifth year in a row, the organizers of Albuquerque Pride will host a fine arts show at Expo New Mexico. “We always get a lot of different kinds of work,” says Pat Baillie, copresident of Albuquerque Pride. “A little more GLBT-themed work, maybe, but we see everything. People bring themselves to the table and that’s what we like. This isn’t gay art. It’s just work by artists who happen to be gay.”

This year’s honored dignitary is Jemez Pueblo sculptor Raymond Sandoval ( whose work will be featured in a special display in the Fine Arts Building. “Raymond is an exceptional artist,” says Baillie, “who’s been incredibly active in the community all over the state, donating a lot of time for fundraisers. He’s made a lot of the winning floats for the Pride parade and the State Fair.”

Artists will begin dropping their work off the evening of Wednesday, June 7. The 2006 Pride Art Show will run Friday, June 9, and Saturday, June 10, with judging occurring Friday at 5 p.m. All participating artists get free admission to Pridefest. For details, go to, call 873-8084 or e-mail

Culture Shock

Jessica is an Idiot— Not really, but she did make a boo-boo in last week’s preview about the Animental performance at Out ch’Yonda (which none of us caught). Since the Alibi actually hits the stands on Wednesday, there’s a chance some of you will see this in time. Here’s a heartfelt message from Jessica Cassyle Carr: “I’m an idiot: The Animental, Lionhead Bunny and Mammal Eggs performance featured in the arts section of the paper last week, and taking place at Out ch’Yonda (929 Fourth Street SW) at 8 p.m. this Wednesday is actually on June 7, not June 2. (The second was last Friday.) Also, it’s Lionhead Bunny who are from Chicago, not Mammal Eggs. The show is still $5. At least I got that right. You can call Derek Caterwaul at (505) 453-0132 or e-mail him at for more information. Go to the show, enjoy the obscurity, make fun of me.”
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