Culture Shock: Alibi Photo Contest 9.0

Alibi Photo Contest 9.0

Sam Adams
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Whether it’s with a pearl-handled .357 Magnum revolver or a Canon EOS 7D, folks in the 505 are quite fond of shooting things. And while images of Hunter S. Thompson blasting a typewriter to pieces is alluring to my inner vigilante journalist, the truth is I’m more prone to shutterbuggery than gunplay. Take that as a good thing, as I’ll be conducting the Alibi ’s ninth annual photo contest. So go ahead. Give us your best shot(s). Here are the rules.

1) Upload no more than four photos to our
Alibi Photo Contest 2012 group on Label them with their appropriate tag or tags, if you think your image applies to more than one category. (Stipulation: Only two tags per photo.)

The categories are:

• ¡Que Albuquerque!— Anything that profiles or captures the spirit of Burque (tag: quealbuquerque)

• Things Are Not What They Seem— For manipulated or Photoshopped images, including HDR work (tag: thingsarenotwhattheyseem)

• People Are People— Human-focused photos, portraits, etc. (tag: peoplearepeople)

• Land Ho— Landscapes of the natural world, flowers, cacti, wildfires, windblown tumbleweeds in a dusty ghost town, etc. (tag: landho)

• Go Guerilla— Outside of having bullets whiz by your head à la war photog James Nachtwey, shooting close-ups of random strangers on the streets is one of the more unnerving photographic pursuits. But that’s not the only thing you can do with this category. Drive or walk around places you haven’t been. Document things you aren’t familiar with. The key here is to be adventuresome and step outside your comfort zone. But before you start, a few tips: Be careful and, you know, obey the law. Pepper spray isn’t a bad idea, either. (tag: guerilla)

• Miscellaneous— Exactly that (tag: miscellaneous)

• Critters of the Southwest— Last year we had a “birds” category. While we love our avian friends, that was really more of a twisted and psychologically inexplicable obsession of then-Arts Ed John Bear. So feel free to depict roadrunners, but don’t shy away from rattlers, coyotes and mountain lions. Figuratively speaking, of course. (tag: critters)

• Remnants of Splendor— There’s a number of great signs advertising liquor stores of yore and boarded-up motels gracing the Duke City, especially along Route 66. Channel the likes of Walker Evans and Stephen Shore in capturing images that reflect the resplendent aesthetics of bygone industry. (tag: remnants)

2) On Flickr, add “alibidotcom” as a contact and send us a FlickrMail with the following information:

Alibi Photo Contest 2012

Body—Your full name, titles of all the photos you’ve submitted and contact info (email and phone)

3) Photo resolution should be at approximately 360 DPI at a reproduction size of 5 by 7 inches (or 1,800 by 2,520 in pixels). If your photo is chosen for the cover, we’ll contact you for a higher resolution image. (In general, if you’re chosen as a winner and your Flickr image is not at the proper resolution, we’ll contact you for a higher resolution copy.)

In the interest of fairness, anyone who still shoots old-school (with actual film) can send their pics to 413 Central NW, Albuquerque NM 87102. Physical submissions should be no larger than 8 by 10 inches.

Entries must be received by
Monday, March 19, at 4 p.m. Winners will be announced in the March 29 issue.
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