Culture Shock: Artfeast Is Delicious And Artistically Nutritious, Unseen Gallery Shows It All, Hosho Mccreesh Gets Glazed At Bookworks

Art By The Mouthful

Lisa Barrow
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“Sasha Reading VI” by Jamie Chase from FOLIO at Matthews Gallery
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It’s one thing to know that ABQ’s neighbor, a destination city for art collectors the world over, is a mere 90 minutes away by train, but it’s another to actually get off your ass and go see all the things that ought to be seen. But wait! What if I tell you there will be food? Hors d’oeurves, ethnic cuisine, comfort food, desserts—a veritable smorgasbord of deliciousness? ARTfeast is an annual event that raises money for youth arts programs in the Fe, and $35 admits you to their Edible Art Tour (E+A+T—get it?), where you’ll be treated to nommable delights from Santa Fe’s legion of celebrated caterers and restaurants.

Participating galleries in Santa Fe’s thriving art epicenters (Downtown and Canyon Road) each partner with a culinary expert and invite the world in for a mingle and gobble.
Matthews Gallery (669 Canyon), for instance, is holding the opening reception for their FOLIO exhibition—consisting of unframed paintings and prints on paper—while the Museum Hill Café serves up their signature corn pudding. Pop Gallery (142 Lincoln), where you can snag original drawings by Dr. Seuss, is joined by fancy chocolatiers C.G. Higgins. And Waxlander Art Gallery & Sculpture Garden (622 Canyon) celebrates the work of founder Phyllis Kapp while teaming up with Terra from the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado.

Walk from gallery to gallery or take a shuttle if you want to hit up both art districts. The fun takes place
from 5 to 8pm on Friday, Feb. 21, so don’t linger too long if you want the true sampler experience. To see the full list of locations and score your tickets, head to

Culture Shock: You Can’t Unsee It You Can’t Unsee It

Courtesy of Unseen Gallery
If combining food with art appeals to all your most deeply seated desires, but you’d rather stick close to home, you’re in luck. Unseen Gallery (3107 Eubank NE, #31) is dangling before Albuquerque promises of bacon-wrapped chicken with feta at their re-opening reception on Sunday, Feb. 23, from 4 to 6pm. The curiosity shop, which houses an assortment of fantasy paintings, pagan prints, erotic bondage magnets, art books and other oddities, is helmed by self-identified “notorious porn peddler” Darla Hallmark, who says she considers the distinction between so-called fine art, commercial art and illustration to be “an invention of the rich upper class.” The anti-fine art gallery shares spaces with a custom leather worker and offers classes in drawing for non-artists, sewing for men and flogger making. Call 232-2161 or visit for more kinky details.

Culture Shock: Drink Deeply Drink Deeply

Burque wordsmith Hosho McCreesh doesn’t have much use for coconut margaritas. “‘I wouldn’t be caught dead/ drinking that shit,’ you said/ to him just about every time/ he ordered one,” the narrator of one poem recalls. And yet. “And yet, ever since he died,/ you go, twice a year, once on/ his birthday, and once on the 4th,/ to get one.” By turns poignant, funny, myth-making and self-deprecating, A Deep and Gorgeous Thirst slurps down life by the bottle-full and pukes it back up the next morning, more than a little wiser for the wear. Catch up with the man and legend-in-the-making at Bookworks (4022 Rio Grande NW) on Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 7pm, and check out our review from last December at

Courtesy of Unseen Gallery

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