Culture Shock: Central Artsy Parts. Photo Show, Old-Timey Postcards, Paintings Of Tacos, And A Scooter Shop Show!

Central Artsy Parts

Summer Olsson
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Detail from Richard Levy Gallery postcard wall
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There are so many cool art shows happening, all the time, everywhere in this city. I’m just going to cram in a mention for a few along the Central corridor right here. This is all-around good: The Richard Levy Gallery (514 Central SW) is celebrating its 20 th anniversary by showing a collection of photographs by Levy himself— What I Saw —and a huge assortment of old-timey postcards from his personal collection, titled The Postcard Show . Levy took the photos featured in What I Saw on his many travels to Spain, India, France and other places. The Postcard Show includes gems from the early 20 th century, ’30s linen advertisement cards, glimpses of the early glam days of Route 66 and more. The gallery also had an opening-weekend auction benefiting 516 ARTS and Seed2Need, a volunteer organization that provides produce to local food pantries. Awesome. More details at 766-9888.

Did you know that
Voodoo Scooters (2318 Central SE) has an art gallery? Well it does, in what’s described as the “shack,” where the shop has been hosting a revolving palette of artists. A new graffiti art show, featuring such artists as Antonio Marrujo, opens there on Tuesday, June 14. It’s also the last art show you can see there because Voodoo Scooters is moving to a bigger location shortly after. Call ’em up and find out more: 712-4220.

Over at
Ace Barbershop (109 Fourth Street SW), Gabriel Luis Perez is presenting a solo show of his art called Rough Edges . The subject of Perez’ new work is tacos and burgers. What? No, really. “Perez is conducting a survey of Albuquerque’s best crispy beef tacos and green chile burgers,” his press blurb says, “and presenting his results by glorifying the best tasting in the form of large- and small-scale paintings.” The painter also has a background in electronic music and avant-garde circus performance. How can you not go check out this show? The guys at Ace say you shouldn’t feel obligated to get a haircut—you can just hang out and see the art. (But you might want to get a trim; you’re looking kinda shaggy.) For info on this one, call Ace: 242-7735.
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