Culture Shock: Meet Patricia Sauthoff, Your New Friendly Neighborhood Arts And Lit Editor

Patricia Sauthoff
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Let’s get this intro thingy out of the way. Hi! I’m your new friendly neighborhood arts and lit editor. Things I like: video art, Smokey Robinson, cats, red wine, vinyl records, bicycles, Shiva, stripes, crafting, bacon and the color orange. Things I dislike: not using turn signals, humidity, spiders, lavender, predator drones, cleaning my room, spandex, pickup lines and lights on when I sleep. Things about which I am indifferent: anime, boxers vs. briefs, Christmas decorations, manicures, BitTorrent, apple juice, Montana, plate tectonics and hedge funds. Some of you will love me; some of you will hate me. This is great! Send valentines / hate mail to; I hang out in the twitterverse @gitagovinda. Also, don’t forget to read the Alibi every week, all of it, not just artsy stuff. Great. That was painless, no? Now, in honor of all 25 students who put up with my Japanese philosophy class last semester at the College of Santa Fe …

Culture Shock: Your Brain On Knowledge Your Brain On Knowledge

UNM’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute offers “Hirohito—History and Myth,” a lecture about Japan’s controversial emperor during and after WWII, at 1 p.m. on Thursday, May 27. Discover why Hirohito was left on the throne after the war’s end. BTW: Japan’s current prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, is currently under fire for his Sunday, May 22 announcement to relocate a marine base on Okinawa to another part of the island. Hatoyama was elected last August pledging to close the base completely. WWII may be 65 years over, but it still affects world politics. Maralie at 277-6179 or has more info on the event. Theoretically, Osher is for the 50-plus crowd, but if you clench your jaw and say, “It’s the BOTOX, dah-ling,” they’ll probably let you join (it costs $20 and the lecture is members-only).

Culture Shock: Better Than Butoh Better Than Butoh

Traditional Japanese folk dance—which is both artistic and has roots to Shinto religion—gives a glimpse of what makes Japan so alluring. From 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 27, the Old Town Cultural Sunsets Performances features folk dancers at the Old Town Plaza Gazebo. Check for more info.

Culture Shock: Wiiiiiiiii Wiiiiiiiii

Man … used to be owning a “nofriendo” game system was something to tick off the ’rents. Now everyone’s got one. Use your skills to help local literacy advocate group Read West raise money through Wii Bowling. Teams pledge to get at least a nickel per point and prizes go to Wii champs. Call 892-1131 or check out for more info about how grandma can kick your ass at “sports” on Saturday, May 29. The action starts at 10 a.m. at the Best Buy at 3741 Ellison NW.
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