Culture Shock: Our Winged Overlords In Aves At Kimo Gallery; Ladies And Fractals In John Myers’ Envisionings At The Talking Fountain.

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Birds. They are among us. Everywhere. Unavoidable.

That’s probably why they figure into art so heavily. They precede humanity and will probably be around long after the Angry Elephant Horde destroys us all (see
Sam Adams’ book review this issue). They may even join in the carnage.

A few months ago, I asked readers to send in their bird art, and I was soon inundated with it. Whenever I ask for anything else (velvet art, hand turkeys) the response is rather lukewarm.

No bother. I was standing outside the
Alibi office the other day when I noticed Aves showing at the KiMo Gallery (enter through the KiMo Theatre office at 423 Central NW). Running through Feb. 15, the six-artist show focuses mostly on our winged overlords, stemming from the exhibition’s titular Latin word. Travis Bruce Black is showing one of his mosaic-style paintings. Chris McAfee has three brilliant, Day-Glo portraits of birds hanging on the wall. My favorite is the Great Horned Owl wearing a human skull as a hat. (See prior statement concerning death of humanity.) Ernest Doty has a piece showing in the gallery, and if you haven’t seen it yet, go check out his ravens and rainbows mural behind the Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW).

Culture Shock: Ladies And Fractals Ladies And Fractals

Gallery owner and all-around nice person Katie Calico is a self-described fan of local painter John Myers. So The Talking Fountain—Calico’s little art space that could, despite being situated in the middle of an apocalyptic amount of road construction—has a retrospective of his work showing as part of Envisionings , which opened Jan. 21. I have to say that after seeing his work, I can gladly call myself a fan as well. He focuses mostly on women and his ethereal images are decidedly dreamy. The colors are faded, like you’re seeing the subject through a dense haze of smoke. They remind me of old fantasy paperback art. He also has a couple of paintings of fractals. Cool stuff. Original works are available, as are cheaper prints for the broke art lover.

While you’re at The Talking Fountain (4207 Lead SE), ask about drawing, painting and yoga classes, or drop a line to
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