Culture Shock: The Reptilian Lounge

Sam Adams
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Downtown has a lot of live entertainment going on Saturday nights. A vibrant music scene, strip clubs, drunk people throwing cheap hot dogs at each other … . But what if you want something a little more eclectic? What if you want to laugh? What if you’re just doggone lonely and you want to be a part of something? … While drinking.

If you haven’t already discovered that there’s going to be a payoff here, then you’re probably the kind of person who doesn’t like to be entertained; the kind of person who wouldn’t want to attend Tricklock’s all-out variety extravaganza The Reptilian Lounge, hosted by Co-Artistic Director Kevin R. Elder and Tour Manager Alex Knight (aka one of the funniest human beings in the Duke City).

Elder describes the Lounge—which has been around since 1996—as a "community variety show," saying that 80 to 90 percent of the performers are non-Tricklock members coming from the local arts and music scene. Everyone from poets to stand-up comics to "weird naked dancers" could show up on any given night.

Saturday’s show features the Red Light Cameras as the house band. It also includes folk singer Sage Harrington, stand-up comic Big Gay Michael Ray, a skit by the Box’s improv collective The Show (of which Knight is the director and a member) and magician Tall Paul. "He’ll call up someone onstage and embarrass them in a safe, fun, magician-y way," says Knight of Paul. "He’ll make someone look the fool."

There’s also interactive features in the Lounge. Between the 5- to 10-minute segments, a human target will come out for the audience to throw change at. (It’s your chance to tip each performer and simultaneously experience the enjoyment of throwing shit at someone.) Eventually a couple of girls dressed as Bettie Page will come out and stop your launching, and a character with a broom will sweep your change away.

If that’s not lively enough for you, take comfort in the fact that Tractor Brewing will be at the venue with several brews on tap.

The Reptilian Lounge only pops its head up several times a year, and it’s a show not to be missed.

Interesting side note: Elder tells the
Alibi that Tricklock is in negotiations to lease a space next to The Box, meaning that the company might have its own Downtown venue as early as spring 2012.

The Reptilian Lounge

Saturdays, Nov. 26 and Dec. 3 at 10:30 p.m.

The Box Performance Space

100 Gold SW


Entry: $7.77

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