Culture Shock: X-Mas 4-Eva

Clifford Grindstaff
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X-mas 4-eva
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In ancient times, Christmas lasted one day and was celebrated by Christians. Thanks to rampant consumerism (and the “good cheer” feeling that Santa will help us solve or ignore our problems) we now have a Holiday season. Encompassing all of December and quickly subsuming parts of November, a year-round Holiday Land may be only a century away.

You can avoid that dystopian future and corral some sincerity at the
Hipster Craft Fair at Hip Stitch, Albuquerque’s first sewing lounge. The varied array of crafts will not be your average hipster fare. Hip Stitch folks are more concerned with the art of the needle and the community surrounding it than ironic T-shirts or angular haircuts. They also offer classes, sell designer fabrics and even maintain a cute blog,

Their craft fair is sure to bring a cool breeze of honesty to a time of year when corporations use emotional manipulation to make you try to buy happiness. So swing by 7001 San Antonio NE from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10. Find more details at

Deoxyribonucleic Acid—Four female artists had their DNA tested for the Freestyle Gallery’s featured exhibit "Creation / Migration: Stories of the Journey.” The women trace their mitochondrial DNA to discover patterns of their ancestors’ migration out of Africa and through the rest of the world. Each explores identity issues.

Belinda Edwards, one of exhibitors, suggested the artists have their DNA tested as part of the
National Geographic "Genographic Project." She says her creations emerge from dreams and visions. Betsie Miller-Kusz collaborated with the others on a "Sojourner Basket" containing creation myths and migratory histories.

Donna Caulton’s DNA traces her ancestors’ path through Ethiopia, the Middle East, Russia and Northern Europe. Her art makes use of mandalas, and explores natural balance and cycles. Albuquerque’s Harriette Tsosie works with universal symbols. Her pieces juxtapose the spiritual with the physical.

We may not have any idea where we’re going, but with the help of genetic testing, we can at least find out where we as a human race have been. The exhibit will be up through Friday, Dec. 14, at 1114 Central SW.
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