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MeToo Monologues
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Duke City Repertory Theatre is back for another year of everyone’s favorite holiday-inspired cabaret variety show, the Ugly Sweater Revue. Ezra Colón and Frank Green host the wild night of improvisation and formal acts of all stripes, which include performances by the likes of Amelia Ampuero, Joanna Furgal and Bryan Lambe.

Promised to be the “perfect spike in your December eggnog” this show is not for the little ones, and not for the faint of heart—translate that as “It’s going to be a lot of fun.” A total of eight performances are happening between Thursday, Dec. 7 and Sunday, Dec. 17, meaning there is plenty of time to pop over for a show at TLab (110 Gold Ave. SW) and maybe even make room for an encore. Tickets are $12, and remember, the show is 18+. Find more details at

Found Objects Cheers To Art At Tractor Brewing

Tractor Brewing has long hosted art exhibitions by talented locals, as well as invited artists to design one-of-a-kind pint glasses for limited edition brews. This week, Tractor Brewing in Wells Park (1800 Fourth Street NW) welcomes Shaelin Jornigan to its walls. Jornigan, whose work has been seen recently at Pacific Exhibits, Central Features Contemporary Art and in the Harwood Art Center’s Surface: Emerging Artists of New Mexico, makes abstract paintings that fill the canvas with color and movement. Catch her work at Tractor all throughout the month (and while you’re there, have a glass of the barrel aged chocolate imperial stout in a glass designed by Jornigan herself) or pop in for the formal opening between 5 and 10pm on Friday, Dec. 8.

Found Objects #Metoo Monologues In Abq

MeToo Monologues
On Saturday, Dec. 9, performers at Albuquerque’s Aux Dog X Space (3015 Monte Vista Blvd. NE) will take part in an national effort to address the pervasiveness of sexual harassment, abuse and assault in our culture. These performances will only be happening in a handful of cities—11 to be precise—so all of us in Albuquerque can be proud to stand amongst those bearing witness and participating in the conversation. The #MeToo Monologues grew out of the international #MeToo movement wherein individuals who have had experiences of sexual violence called attention to the all-too-common nature of it by sharing their experiences online, or simply posting the hashtag. During this performance, groups of 6 to 10 women will perform pieces about the effects of sexual violence, aiming to create a safe space for healing and resistance. The performance at Aux Dog begins at 6:30pm, a $15 donation is suggested, but bring as much as you can because all proceeds will go to Crossroads for Women, a non-profit providing trauma-informed therapeutic services for local women.
MeToo Monologues

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