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Anita Beatriz piece
(Anita Beatriz)
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The Harwood Art Center (1114 Seventh Street NW) is once again hosting their annual show of up-and-comers, Surface: Emerging Artists of New Mexico, with an opening on Friday, June 1. This year—the sixth iteration of the show—features work by Helen Atkins, Hayden Barnard, Caitlin Carcerano, Emma Casady, Alison Green, Nikita Gurnani, Rachel Harris Huffman, Isabel Hees, Lena Kassicieh, Margarita Paz-Pedro, Ruby Troup and Penelope Young. Simultaneously, an exhibition titled Muscle Memory by Cecilia McKinnon will open in the front gallery. Food trucks will be on-hand from 6 to 8pm, as will a number of the artists. Don’t miss your chance to acquaint yourself with young artists doing big things in our city.

Found Objects Downtown Daydream

Anita Beatriz piece Anita Beatriz
A new cycle of work from plant-centric local artist Anita Beatriz opens up on Friday, June 1 at Duel Brewing (606 Central Ave. SW) courtesy of Enchanted PopUp. Beatriz’ most recent works (titled Chimera) feature desertscapes along with the individuals who inhabit them. Using her science and botany background in her artistic creations, Beatriz makes vibrant works that explore intersectional feminism along with landscapes—all to illumine how we inhabit the places we land. Check out these works from 7pm to midnight on your First Friday stroll.

Found Objects You Belong Here, Too

Join the young creators at Working Classroom and alumni Gabrielle Uballez and Michael López for the closing reception of ¡Pertenecemos! on Friday, June 1. The show features pieces made in the spring by students working in many mediums like poetry, animation and digital storytelling. Alongside these talented students are recent works produced by Gabrielle Uballez in an exhibition titled Practice, aimed at renewing the artist’s “practice of thinking, researching, dialoguing and creating alongside artists of color.” There’s also López’ work, Figure Study, an installation inspired by the basalt rocks dumped on the former site of a “tent city” near First Street and Iron Ave., raising questions around monuments and authority and the ways in which each are constructed. Your last chance to see these bodies of work all in one place happens at Orpheum Community Hub (500 Second Street SW) from 6 to 9pm.
Anita Beatriz piece

Anita Beatriz

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