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Maggie Grimason
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This Saturday and Sunday at New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery (3812 Central Ave. SE, Ste. 100B), well-known artist Michael Ellis leads a workshop on comic books. In this two-day series (July 14 and July 15), Ellis guides aspiring graphic storytellers in discussion of comic books as a medium, as well as the basics of cartooning, panel design and production. From 1pm to 5pm each of these days, the group will gather for discovery and exploration led by examples and Ellis’ know-how. The workshop costs about $145 for both days—a steal for the serious student.

Found Objects Fund Fun

If you’re not trying to spend money this weekend, but instead are trying to generate some income for your art project, sit in on the Fulcrum Fund Application Lab at 516 ARTS (516 Central Ave. SW) on Saturday, July 14 from 10am to noon. The Fulcrum Fund is a blessing to the local arts scene courtesy of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and administered by 516. The fund offers creatives grants up to $10,000 for the project they would like to realize. Past recipients have included ABQ Zine Fest, Small Engine Gallery and works at Sanitary Tortilla Factory. If you’re armed with a great idea, feel out the possibilities for seeing it vividly come to life by sitting in on this session. The deadline for grant submission is Thursday, Aug. 1. (Head to to download the application.)

Found Objects Compositions In Corrales

In the beautiful Casa San Ysidro (973 Old Church Road, Corrales) lovers of the written and spoken word will find voice as they celebrate Simon Ortiz on Saturday, July 14. Ortiz is one of New Mexico’s most well-loved poets. Hailing from Acoma Pueblo, Ortiz weaves beautiful stories into lyric poetry, song and prose. “The act of being human/ is not easy knowledge,” he wrote in “Culture and the Universe,” and what is not art if not an exploration of all that it means to live in the world—to seek understanding of what it means to be human? Manuel and Sarita Gonzalez, as well as members of the New Mexico State Poetry Society, will share their work from 1 to 4pm, but all who would like to read are welcome to take the mic at this free event.

Found Objects Annie, Get Your Gun

On Sunday, July 15 local writer Kari Bovée will debut her first novel at an event at Page One Books (5850 Eubank Blvd. NE, Ste. B-41). A creative take on the early life of famed Wild West gunslinger Annie Oakley, Girl with a Gun threads this historical fiction piece through with good old fashioned mystery. As innocent victims drop like flies at the hand of a murderer and her valiant steed winds up stolen—Oakley sets off to crack the cases with the help of a sassy sidekick. Pick up a copy and congratulate Bovee during this talk at 3pm.
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