Found Objects

Forgotten Raincoats

Clarke Conde
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Among the earliest ravages of aging is the loss of wonder and play. As mundane tasks begin to fill the daily effort to grow, the space where curiosity once led learning is replaced by rote mechanical repetition. See the collected works of Pink Floyd for more information on this process.

The new work titled
Pieces of Yellow by the New Mexico Dance Project explores this loss and suggests alternatives, putting into motion the “challenge for us to reimagine life had we left our yellow raincoats on.” Curious about this curiosity thing? Shift Dance presents a free performance of Pieces of Yellow for one night only this Friday, March 29 at 7:30pm, at the Elizabeth Waters Center for Dance at Carlisle Gym South Arena Performance Space on the UNM Main Campus. For more information, see

Found Objects An Epic Good Time

Sometimes, people just make things up. It has been going on around the world since the advent of language and its popularity has only wavered slightly one time in human history (during that slight uptick in reality TV show production last decade). Storytellers Juba Addison, Elaine Muray, George Williams, Jude Tripp and Liz Mangual continue the tradition on Friday, March 29 for World Storytelling Day, as they spin through this year’s theme "Myths, Legends and Epics” at Tortuga (901 Edith Blvd SE). Organizers recommend the show for ages 12 and up. It’s $10 at the door and the stories begin at 7pm. For more information, see

Found Objects Not The Canned Beans

Francisco Goya was falling apart, not unlike the world around him. The artist grew deaf, then besieged with both physical and psychological maladies as the Spanish world around him was plagued by the chaos of Napoleon, starvation and endless political turmoil. Goya turned to his sketch pad (and eventually the walls of his own home) to express something quite different, and far more private, than his paintings for the Spanish royal court. Albuquerque Museum’s Curator of Art Josie M. Lopez, PhD will delve into four of Goya’s drawings and a rare lithograph to discover the wit, criticism and occasional joy of this great master’s declining days in a lecture entitled “Goya’s Sketch Books – Folly and Fantasy” this Saturday, March 30 at 2pm at the Albuquerque Museum (200 Mountain Road NW). Admission is free. For more information, see

Found Objects Cat’s Out Of The Bag

I’m not saying it is easy to keep a secret, but when you have an event called Tell Me Your Secrets: Burque Poets Hosted by Jessica Helen Lopez and you name your venue for the event the Secret Gallery, word might get out. Especially if Jessica Helen Lopez, Court Butler, Laura Lawless Burgess, Rene Mullen, Anna Martinez, Gina Marselle, Benjamin Bormann, Amanda Gallegos, the Lobo Slam Team, Reina Davis, Sophia Esperanza Nuanez and Marcial Delgado are all scheduled to perform. All I’m saying is that I heard this event was on Saturday, March 30 at 505 Central NW Downtown, it was starting at 7pm and they were going to ask for a small donation of $5 to $10. That’s all I know and you didn’t hear it from me.
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