Found Objects

Nightmare Before Home-Building

Clarke Conde
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Ghost, Ghost, Come Out Tonight
(Amelia Ampuero)
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Deep in the woods, old friends gather on a couple’s newly purchased property where they aim to build their dream home only to find that a pitchfork-wielding ghost is already there ready to kill them, or at least make them question their real estate inspection. This chilling tale of fractured friendships and real estate nightmares is brought to you by Duke City Repertory Theatre’s (performing at TLab, 110 Gold Ave. SW) performance of Ghost, Ghost, Come Out Tonight, opening Thursday, Oct. 17 at 8pm. Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door. For more information and tickets for this all-ages event, see

Found Objects Twice The Price

Two exhibits open simultaneously at April Price Projects Gallery (201 Third Street NW, Ste. G) on Friday, Oct. 18 from 5pm to 8pm. In the Design Studio Gallery is Ann Dunbar’s Through the Lives, an intricate collection of sculptures built from found objects and repurposed materials. In the Main Gallery is Mary Ann Strandell’s Rift Valley, a series inspired by the shifting tectonic plates upon which we live here in the Rio Grande Valley. For more information on this free, all-ages event, see

Found Objects Spooky Words

MindWell Poetry has declared its October poetry event the Spooky Slam. What is so spooky you may ask? Aside from the poetry of Antoinette Martine Torres and the costume contest, there will also be a presentation from HORNS (Hauntings & Other Realms Networks) that will surely stir up the ghosts of slams past. On Friday, Oct. 18 the action kicks off at 7pm and runs through 10pm (unless you go screaming into the night due to all the spookiness) at 99% Pure CBD (3904 Central Ave. SE Ste.A). For more information on this free, all-ages event, see

Found Objects (Un) Conference

The second annual Coffee + Creatives Unconference kicks off a full week of programs aimed at bolstering the skills of Albuquerque’s creative class on Monday, Oct. 21 with an Unconference Kickoff Party from 5pm to 7pm at Free Range (1710 Central Ave. SE). The conference includes topics like creating a social media strategy, managing clients, developing business structures and, most importantly, reaching out to journalists (Pro-tip: Weekly Alibi journalists’ emails are listed on the masthead). Twenty-five bucks gets you into every event throughout the week, a goody bag and some snacks. For more information, registration and a schedule of all the conference’s all-ages events, see
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