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A Nm Poet, You Know It

Clarke Conde
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(Joshua J Cotten)
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New Mexico will finally join the ranks of most of the states in the country that have a state poet laureate. New Mexico’s poet will not be able to rest on their laurettes, but will instead embark on a three-year mission to travel the state writing, reading, publishing and generally helping to get others to write poetry of their own, backed by a modest salary, a travel budget and staff. New Mexicans are asked to help select this poet by sending in their nominations through Nov. 15, so give it up for the inaugural New Mexico Poet Laureate by going to and letting the folks on the nominating committee know who best crafts the words that let the rest of the world know who we are.

Found Objects A Word From Texas

From our neighbor to the South and East comes Chibbi Orduña to Burque Revolt on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 6:30pm at Canvas Artistry (3120 Central Ave. SE). Founder of Laredo BorderSlam, Orduña headlines this month’s show known for its inclusive community, great poetry and $5 green chile cheeseburgers. For more information on this free, all-ages event, see And for the love of all that is holy and the chemically sensitive among us, please leave your scented products and hate speech at home.

Found Objects Make Apes Great Again

Joshua J Cotten
The three species of orangutans are the only great apes (sorry, gibbons) from Asia, not Africa (sorry, James) and they are not having a particularly easy time of it these days. Hunting, habitat destruction and general problems related to the overpopulation of another great ape that keeps hampering their peaceful, arboreal lifestyle. Orangutan Awareness Day on Saturday, Nov. 9 at ABQ BioPark (903 10th Street SW) is perfect time to find out more about these red-haired tree-dwellers and to see what you can do to help them out. Orangutan-related activities run from 10am to 2pm and are included with ABQ BioPark admission. For more information on this all-ages event, see

Found Objects Orange You Glad It’s Blue

Smashing on stuff and not saying anything is at the root of what the Blue Man Group is up to when they come to Popejoy Hall (UNM Main Campus) for two shows Tuesday, Nov. 12 and Wednesday, Nov. 13, both at 7:30pm for their Speechless tour. They have been around long enough that you should require little explanation about their show except to say that if you have never seen them before, it will be better than you expect. It is a theatrical performance that fills the theater and makes for an excellent early experience for a young theatergoer. Tickets range from $38 to $88. For more information and tickets, see
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