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Clarke Conde
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Family Resemblance
(courtesy of the artist)
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Sanitary Tortilla Factory (401 Second Street SW) open’s Sallie Scheufler’s exhibit Family Resemblance with a reception on Friday, March 6 from 6pm to 8pm. Scheufler explores ideas about beauty through staged portraits with her family. Accordingly, “She and her mom get matching hairdos.” For more information on this free, all-ages event, see

Found Objects Location Of Big Fun

The deliberate, daily practice of pretty much anything is transformative. Within the creative process, a daily practice can quickly result in a pile of creative work. Fourteenfifteen Gallery (1415 Fourth Street SW) has prompted nearly 30 local artists to spend the month of January working within their own chosen medium to complete one artwork or action each day. The products of that process make up the exhibit Fun-A-Day, opening on Friday, March 6 with an opening reception from 6pm to 10pm. For more information on this free, fun, all-ages event, see

Found Objects Space Available

Jessica Zeglin asks, “How can we begin to approach the land without needing to understand or translate, but with an appreciation for silence?” Zeglin’s A Quiet But Not Empty Place, an exhibit that is about “holding a space to listen.” Opening (quietly) at Trapdoor Projects (1120 Tijeras Ave. NW) on March 6 with a reception from 7pm to 9pm, viewers are invited to the space to ponder that. For more information on this free, all-ages event, see

Found Objects Hard Boiled

The owner of Nob Hill’s own Organic Books (111 Carlisle Blvd. SE), Steve Brewer, is having a reading and signing of his new crime novel Upshot (his 32nd book) on Sunday, March 8 at 3pm at Organic Books. It’s about a heist crew, cannabis couriers and it’s set in Albuquerque – a classic combination! For more information on this free, all-ages event, see

Found Objects Corset Optional

Fashion historian Cassidy Zachary will deliver a public lecture on the topic of Women Fashion Designers and the Birth of Modern Dress on Sunday, March 8 at 3pm at the UNM School of Architecture’s George Pearl Hall Auditorium (UNM Main Campus). Do you still think “Coco” Chanel invented modern fashion out of whole cloth in the 1920s? Wrong again. Zachary will break down the real deal about Gordon, Vionnet, Lanvin, Paquin and the other pioneering women that preceded Chanel at this event hosted by the Albuquerque International Association. Tickets are $20 for the general public, $15 for Albuquerque International Association members and free for students under 30 (oldsters pay full price). For tickets and more information about this all-ages event, see
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