Gallery Box: Arthaus66

Sarah M. Kramer
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Work by Lena Bartula and Karen Wight
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Formerly an online-only gallery, it seems appropriate that ArtHaus66 is now housed in the same building where Bill Gates and Paul Allen began developing Microsoft. The gallery provides Albuquerqueans with the unique opportunity to see stateside exhibitions by contemporary Spanish artists, often before they show anywhere else west of New York or Boston. ArtHaus66 also shows work from other European and U.S.-based artists. The gallery specializes in photographs, prints and paintings.

ArtHaus66’s mission is to make art available to experienced and novice collectors alike and to provide public and private spaces with life-enhancing art.

The gallery’s current exhibit, ILLUMINE, is a joint exhibition of the work of Lena Bartula and Karen Wight. The installation features Bartula’s huipiles and Wight’s lighted resin sculptures of the human form. Bartula made her huipiles—blouses or dresses made from Mayan textiles—from recycled materials like bags and prayer cloths. Wight’s sculptures explore woman’s rights, illustrating the plea for human equality. Together, the works open a dynamic dialogue of opposites. ILLUMINE opened as part of the April ARTScrawl and runs through the end of the month.

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