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Amy Dalness
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O.K. Harris
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In case you didn’t catch the announcement last week, the Alibi’s Ridiculously Short Fiction Contest winners will be featured in next week’s issue (June 26-July 2) instead of the one in your paws. We thank everyone who entered this year’s contest—which was fiercely hard to judge, you silver-penned wordsmiths—and understand that waiting isn’t the fun part. We promise it will be worth the extra week of anticipation. Get those reading chairs ready.

Farewell, O.k.

O.K. Harris
Bonefish by O.K. Harris
The location of the Art is … OK & Company gallery isn’t the most ideal. Tucked behind a guitar shop in a strip mall at Menaul and Carlisle, Art is … OK’s large windows face the parking lot, not the road, which doesn’t easily invite passersby unaware of its presence. But the parking lot surrounding Art is … OK isn’t just gray cement—the sidewalks, curb, storefront and medians are populated with metal creatures, some towering over cars, others the size of pets. Art is … OK doesn’t just exist inside its strip-mall space, it flows into its surroundings, creating a "sculpture plaza" to display the works of O.K. Harris—the longtime Albuquerque artist, father and gallery owner who passed away just last week on June 8. His daughter, Michelle Harris, sent me an e-mail with details of a celebration held in his honor, but I received it too late to include in last week’s issue. Harris said in the e-mail that her father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma two months ago and his last moments were peaceful. O.K. Harris’ fanciful sculptures will continue to brighten the shopping center parking lot as well as gardens and homes of collectors around the country. For art never dies.

Bonefish by O.K. Harris

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