Righteously Retro: Get Psyched For A Gnarly Prom Night

Get Psyched For A Gnarly Prom Night

Kristi D. Lawrence
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Righteously Retro
Get to work, kids. That hair’s not gonna tease itself. (courtesy of whs87s.wordpress.com)
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Like, omigod. The prom is just like, a few days away. I totally need a bitchin’ dress. And like, 10 bottles of Aqua Net.

That’s right—
Pretty in Pink meets Sixteen Candles for an event this Saturday at Hotel Andaluz (125 Second Street NW). It’s a Totally Awesome ’80s Prom with a heart as big as Duckie’s. (If you haven’t seen Pretty in Pink, pull it up on Netflix—totally boss.)

Whether you were around for the ’80s or not, chances are you can appreciate all the awesome cheesiness this decade brought the world, from Max Headroom to keytars to “Charles in Charge.” (Scott Baio was like, mega bodacious.) This prom is your chance to celebrate that outrageous decade of excess in the name of charity. It’s part of Hotel Andaluz’ 75th anniversary celebration. Since January the historic hotel has hosted an event each month that celebrates a decade of its history. For August, they’re throwing an ’80s bash the Brat Pack would be proud of.

“We’ll have a local DJ playing nothing but ’80s music, a photo opportunity to get prom pics, and of course the décor will be like an ’80s prom,” says Crystal Amaya, associate director of sales for Hotel Andaluz. “We encourage people to dress up, and we’ll select a prom king and queen that night.”

You read that right. If you totally got cheated out of your rightful place as prom royalty back in the day (but I know, you’re not bitter), you’ve got another shot. The prom king and queen will each win a radical one-night stay and dinner for two at Hotel Andaluz.

Those who don’t win can drown their sorrows in the event’s signature cocktail, the Pretty in Pink. (“So what do you want to drink?” “Oh you know, beer, scotch, juice box … whatever.”)

But better than a real prom, this prom is making a difference in our community. It’s free and open to the public, and 10 percent of the proceeds from food and beverage sales will go to the New Mexico Art League.

NMAL is a nonprofit that provides art education for children and adults. Beyond just giving art instruction, it focuses on personal enrichment and self-expression. And it’s been around even longer than the hotel. NMAL was founded 10 years earlier, in 1929, by fine art students and professors at the University of New Mexico. Even back then, they recognized the importance of New Mexico’s vibrant art scene.

So go ahead, start primping. Hit your local thrift store or steal your mom’s old prom dress, pile on those jelly bracelets, crimp your hair, and layer on the neon makeup. Turn yourself into a walking ’80s work of art, in the name of art. Tubular.

Totally Awesome ’80s Prom

Saturday, Aug. 30, 7pm

Hotel Andaluz

125 Second Street NW


’80s attire encouraged

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