The 7 Ply Perspective

Trillion Space

Abi Blueher
1 min read
The 7 Ply Perspective opens this Saturday at the Trillion Space.
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Local and international photographers/skateboarders bring their work together in The 7 Ply Perspective , a photography show at the Trillion Space which opens this week. Any show that involves talented “photoarders” is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates good art with plenty of personality. All pieces in the show are craftily mounted on custom-cut plywood, griptape and masonite frames to drive home the theme of the show and the passion of the artists. The opening will be at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, Nov. 11, at the Trillion Space (510 Second Street NW). Catch some air, dude! For more information, visit
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