Whatever We Want, We Want It Now: With A Big Of Magic, Please

With A Bit Of Magic, Please

Lisa Barrow
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Whatever We Want, We Want It Now
Trust me, the ladies love 52 pickup. (courtesy of the artist)
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What on earth do women want? Hell, I am one and I still don’t know. But I do have my suspicions about whether the question can be answered at all. Not only is every woman different, but so is every relationship—I mean, I happened to find love with a guy six years my junior who barely spoke my language. Is there a dating manual on Mars or Venus that could’ve predicted our relationship success? Still, if you’re a straight guy, there must exist some basic principles for not repulsing the womenfolk. Guys who’ve been out of the dating pool for a while but seek a long-term, monogamous relationship might benefit from a bit of honest guidance.

Burqueña Melanie Rubin has penned a handbook for precisely that audience. And she’s promoting it in an unusual way.
What Women Really Want from Men: A Step-by-Step Dating Manual is so comprehensive it could almost be mistaken for a computer manual. But, probably owing to Rubin’s master’s degree in instructional design, it’s actually an approachable, thoughtful and plainspoken guidebook that covers everything from online dating to kissing to STIs to red flags. Rubin has teamed up with local comedy mentalist Max Krause for an intimate, hilarious show that combines her book’s themes with Krause’s signature brand of impossible-to-guess magic tricks.

What Women Really Want From Men: An Adventure in Comedy and Magic on Friday and Saturday, March 13 and 14, at 7pm, and 6pm on Sunday, March 15, at Max’s Magic Theatre (3205 Central NE, maxsmagictheatre.com, 255-2303). Tickets are $35 apiece or $60 for a pair. Rubin also signs copies of her dating manual at Bookworks (4022 Rio Grande NW, bkwrks.com, 344-8139) on Saturday, March 14, at 3pm—a great opportunity to get a taste of the magic, since Krause will be stopping by. Whatever women want, a bit of mystery and magic certainly couldn’t hurt.
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