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“Breaking Bad,” Nudity, Huge Fucking Dead Elk

Sam Adams
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Best of Alibi blogs
Press photo revealing villain and final scene of Season 5 of “Breaking Bad.”
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The end of the year is a good time for list-making. We at the Alibi took this in mind when creating this week’s issue, which is chock-full of rundowns on what we loved and loathed in 2011. But now we kind of have a weird list obsession, so here’s another. It includes some of the most popular blogs this year, as per your clicking and browsing. Some weren’t even writen in 2011 (much to the chagrin of our news editor, who sweats over fresh content every day). I will attribute that popularity to stories including naked people, death and exclamation marks in headlines. Here they are:

Breaking Bad! Season 4! Filming!

Biggest Elk Ever Shot!

Details on Burque’s best organized high-class prostitution ring

Do You Get Naked in the Locker Room?

Naked Curvy Women Are In

It’s too cold outside for your pet

Fun And Not-So-Fun Facts About Peru

Las Conchas fire update: Cochiti evacuation, boycott fireworks, pet haven

Ten Spy Tricks You Can Use in Real Life

Secret Knowledge: Dodge’s Annoying Ad Roadblock

UNM disrupts class-based movement because of "transients"

Brother’s Day Celebration 2011
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