The Daily Word In Malaysia Flight 370, Lego’s Gender Stereotypes And Athletes Swimming In Poo.

Renee Chavez
1 min read
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Plane debris newly found on Reunion Island could be from Malaysia Flight 370.

ABQ firefighter is in trouble after hanging up on a 911 caller.

olives are the victim of a deadly disease.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a badass. That is all.

Water in Rio de Janeiro for
2016 Summer Olympics is basically raw sewage.

LEGO company is still hashing out its
gender stereotype issues.

UNM is taking steps to make its campus free from
sexual misconduct this fall.

Shell just needs to stop destroying the entire world.

Taos animal shelter is going to make major cuts but still won’t euthanize.

What will
AIDS/HIV look like in 2020?
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