Steven Robert Allen
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At this point in time, America's omnipotent cult of consumerism might seem too easy a target for literary satire. Even so, Glenn Gaslin's first novel, due out this month, seems to contain enough frenzied originality to pump new life into what can practically be considered a stand-alone genre. Beemer™ tells the lunatic story of a young man named Beemer Minutia who discovers that the most viable product he can sell in the burgeoning New Economy is a polished, perfumed, Saran-Wrapped version of himself. Gaslin, an Entertainment Weekly editor, has garnered some rave reviews for his debut novel. Advance readers say he takes aim at everything sacred in our money-grubbing hyper-capitalist dystopia, and he throws in lots of over-the-top jokes to make this pill a little sweeter.
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