Steven Robert Allen
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You probably remember the story of Raffi Kodikian and David Coughlin, the two men who camped near Carlsbad Cavern a couple years back and got lost in the desert with very little water and meager supplies. Kodikian survived. Coughlin didn't. Kodikian said his friend begged him to kill him, and after much tortured consideration he eventually did the deed. Law enforcement, though, immediately began to question how and why Coughlin's dead body ended up under a pile of rocks. Kersten, an editor at Maxim, digs deep into this tragic local tale to present what looks to be a gripping true-crime mystery. The author will be at Page One Bookstore on Wednesday, Aug. 13, at 7 p.m. to discuss his book and the continuing controversy behind Coughlin's death. 294-2026.

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