Steven Robert Allen
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It's a law of nature: As the world changes, our use of language changes right along with it. With the dramatic technological and social advances we've experienced in the last 10 years, it's not surprising that the English language has morphed in numerous new and peculiar ways. As always, word dorks like myself more often than not turn to the venerable Chicago Manual of Style for updates and clarifications on all the latest developments. Since its first edition at the beginning of the last century, the Manual has become a classic guide to English language style. Writers and readers the world over have relied on the expertise of the folks at the University of Chicago Press to keep them informed on the best contemporary modes of expression. The 15th edition, which was just released this month, is the product of a large-scale overhaul. It contains new information on everything from documenting electronic sources to editing online manuscripts to the latest manglings of American English usage. If language is your business, you'll either want to acquire the latest edition for yourself or you'll want to spend one hell of a lot of time at a library with this bad boy under your elbow.

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