Michael Henningsen
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Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, otherwise known to Internet hounds as Nerve.com's Em and Lo and authors of that site's sex advice column, “The Em and Lo Down (Advice From Near Experts),” have, for quite some time, published a webtoon of sorts called “Position of the Day,” in which characters engage in some sort of sexual position—some of them possible, others quite impossible. If that doesn't sound too exciting or amusing, it's because it's neither, really. The humor, though, is abundant: It's all in the names. For instance: “The IKEA Sale,” “The Problem with Yoga,” “Missionary Impossible,” “I Can See My House From Here,” etc., each accompanied by line illustrations—one for every day of the year. The entire series is collected here, for the first time, in book form. It's not a great read in the traditional sense, but it beats the hell out of that “Garfield” calendar you got for Christmas, and who couldn't use a few fresh suggestions when it comes to sex anyway?

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