The Charmstone

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A mysterious disappearance in remote Monument Valley, a Navajo recommitted to his culture, rumors of scandal, sullen and secretive teenagers who spend too much time in the desert, and a scheming newspaperman who knows everything but tells nothing all come together in this suspenseful tale of murder and greed.

Navajo & Pueblo Earrings 1850-1945

Winner of nine awards, this is the first book to highlight an Albuquerque collection of earrings, telling of their materials and history with archival and new photos. Winner, 2007 New Mexico Book Awards.

Indian Trains

Indian Trains is Albuquerque resident and Institute of American Indian Arts instructor Erika Wurth’s first book of poetry. The collection is about small-town Indians, community and family, thieves, prostitutes, train stealers, drug dealers and loners. Sherman Alexie says, "This is a funny, sad and powerful book."

Medicine Dance

Prompted by a bad mammogram, a middle-aged divorcée with a downhill career in film production seeks healing from Native American mystic Joseph Rael, also know as Beautiful Painted Arrow. The amazing result of his treatment inspires the author of this engaging narrative memoir to begin an apprenticeship to learn more about shamanic wisdom.

Historic American Indian Dolls And The Children Who Played With Them

This book, written by a noted Santa Fe gallery owner tells the history of Native American dolls accompanied by delightful pictures. Finalist, 2007 New Mexico Book Awards.

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