When Grass Talks

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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New Mexico poet Bobbi Lurie has published her second book of verse, Letter from the Lawn . I was a big fan of her debut, The Book I Never Read . The new one, although it has a distinctly different feel, is also worth the price of admission.

Consider this:

“Suburban Hermits”

suburban hermits

like to tinker in their tool sheds

dream of the Ever-Present Listener

like a thin blouse barely covering

the Innermost

I like this small poem, and others like it, that illuminate some rare thing in mundane life. This is Lurie’s greatest gift—a knack for immersing herself in the beautiful, simple details. Letter from the Lawn doesn’t groove with me nearly as much as Lurie’s previous book, but she’s a fine poet, by any standard.
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