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The Moonquest: A True Fantasy

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Youthful Reads
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The MoonQuest takes place in a land where fear rules and storytelling spells death to those who tell. As black-clad armies terrorize the countryside, one young bard embarks on a journey guided by stories to end the tyranny.

Listening At The Gate

Seventeen-year-old Kat joins Nall, a man who comes to her out of the sea, on a dangerous trek taking them to the place where the world is born: The Gate.


A teen girl’s life spins out of control when binge drinking, date rape and teen pregnancy collide. Choices is a coming-of-age tale voiced with sensitivity and heart.

Tales Of The Golden Corpse: Tibetan Folk Tales

Meet heroes, villains, clever tricksters and Tibetan humor within these 25 narratives of intrigue and magic. The folktales come alive with songs, riddles, jokes and aphorisms against the background of everyday Tibet, its farmers, nomads, kings and magical beings.

Bosque Boy

Roberto Kelly is convinced he’s been abandoned by his parents and fears placement in a children’s detention center. He flees into the bosque, mimicking Bomba and Tarzan inside the narrow cottonwood forest along the meandering river.

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