Business Profile: Assistance League Of Albuquerque

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Assistance League of Albuquerque
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Assistance League of Albuquerque is a leading force for positive change in the Albuquerque community. The philanthropic activities that this all-volunteer nonprofit agency includes (but is not limited to): Operation School Bell, Thrift Shop, Furniture Shop, Blue Portal, Kids are Pretty Special, Assault Survivor Kits, Buddy Bear, Tender Loving Care and Sharing.

And how do we fund all of this? Through the proceeds of the thrift and furniture shops on Lomas. We live on the donations of a very generous public and present them for sale via our shops. Last year’s earnings that were returned to the community through the programs listed above approached half a million dollars.

What better time than back-to-school to support an organization that continually strives to better our community.
Assistance League of Albuquerque

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