Business Profile: Marble Brewery

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What was your first job?

Brewery janitor at my local brew pub on Long Island, N.Y. Washed kegs, scrubbed the floors, polished tanks. The experience built character for sure.

How did you get started in this business?

I discovered beers of character in college. Quite the change from industrial wonder bread brews. After I took a brewery tour and saw the culture and passion of the business, I knew that was the industry for me.

Why did you choose this business?

My parents encouraged me to follow a career which I was passionate about. I just wasn’t cut from cubical cloth.

What is your business philosophy?

Do what you love and success will follow.

What is your educational background?

BA Roanoke College

Brewing Science and Engineering Degree from the American Brewers Guild.

What is your company’s greatest asset?

Our amazing staff who love to come to work each day and contribute to the brand.

What are your strongest business traits?

Attention to the details, and the pursuit of perfection and fun.

What motivates you to succeed besides the desire to make money?

The thrill of entertaining our customers with our unabashedly bold flavors and social experiences in our Taprooms.

How is operating your own business different than you expected?

I once was a beverage plumber, now I am the president. Slight learning curve.

What significant changes have you implemented recently?

We are introducing several new beer styles in cans this year.

What successes in the past year are you most proud of accomplishing?

Winning medals in the country’s most prestigious competition is always nice. But seeing our team succeed and providing opportunities for them to grow is always rewarding.

What do you offer that the competition doesn’t?

A wide range of world class beer styles, excellent service, unparalleled live music and events.

How do you maintain your competitive edge?

I live and breathe my business.

How would you define your position within the marketplace or within your market segment?

Pioneers and volume leader in the current New Mexico Craft Beer resurgence.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle in operating a successful business?

Hiring and retaining talent.

What was your best business decision?

Introducing a unique beer style I am passionate about in the Southwest market, Double White.

What was your biggest missed opportunity?

Not adding brewing capacity fast enough to meet demand.

What are your growth goals?

To saturate the Southwestern beer market with our delicious brews.

What is your company’s greatest challenge?

Forecasting growth in an increasingly crowded market.

What contributions to the community (charitable or otherwise) are you most proud of?

Educating many of the state’s brewers who have gone on to be successful business owners themselves.

In what area of your business do you invest the most energy?

Distribution, although every aspect is refined daily.

If you had to choose another career or start another business what would it be?

Not even a consideration.

What words of wisdom would you offer to someone starting their own business?

Follow your heart. The money will flow from there.

What’s your favorite saying or quotation?

Beer doesn’t make you fat, it’s poor lifestyle decisions.

What book are you currently reading or what’s your favorite book?

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.

Do you have a hero or mentor—business or otherwise?

I am a member of a CEO advisory group, Vistage.

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