Business Profile: Celina's Biscochitos

Business Profile: Celina's Biscochitos

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Celina's Biscochitos
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What have you learned about owning a biscochito company?

We always thought everyone knew what a biscochito was, until we began to meet so many customers from out of state. We have given so many people an education about “New Mexico’s Official State Cookie”: where it came from, what is it made with and why New Mexicans are so crazy about them. We have learned so much about them and their history.

How did you get started in this business?

We began our business out of necessity. It was a hobby and made as gifts for family and friends for the holidays. I was a real estate agent for 15 years and once the housing market collapsed I realized that I needed to make some extra money. It was then that I began to make biscochitos for money. I noticed that there weren’t really any bakeries making biscochitos the way most of us New Mexicans grew up with. My recipe was my Grandma Maggie’s, and everyone who knew her knew she was an exceptional cook. That was the moment my husband, David, and I realized that we had something special.

What made you decide to make new twists on a traditional favorite?

Our very first flavor was a red chile biscochito. I happened to be sitting at a trade show and across from me was a company who happened to be selling red chile peanut brittle. They were so busy all day long and managed to sell out of their red chile peanut brittle. I thought to myself, I wonder if I could make a red chile biscochito? Here we are four years later with a wonderful red chile biscochito. The flavor twists began to take shape as I realized that customers were enjoying the new fusion of traditional and innovative biscochitos. Now we serve them in many different flavors from red chile, green-chile-pecan, lemon, chocolate chip, piñon, blue corn, jam-filled, chocolate dipped and so many more.

What is your business philosophy?

Our main goal is to maintain the highest quality product while staying true to its authenticity. Although we make our product with a twist, it is extremely important to us that we maintain the entire true flavor of a traditional biscochito. We always tell our customers that if we can’t taste a traditional biscochito in each one of our products, it’s not a biscochito any longer. We also make every effort in assuring that our customers have the best quality of service every time that they enter our store. We are so proud that our employees go the extra mile for our customers’ happiness.
Celina's Biscochitos

Celina's Biscochitos

Celina's Biscochitos

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