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What is your business philosophy?

Our philosophy is to offer a better opportunity to the massage therapists we work with than what is commonly found in the local area for our industry and to offer the clients a better customer service experience.

What significant changes have you implemented recently?

In the last two years we have completely remodeled everything about Por Vida Therapeutics. Originally it was a private practice that just had myself as a mobile therapist. We started to find a niche for chair massage at events and corporate settings. Some to these chair massage events required more than one therapist. This is how the network was started. We came up with a new logo for the new focus of the company. Recently I have been able to focus on more of the business development role which has already shown growth both in the amount of corporate accounts and the number of therapists that network with us. We also have changed our marketing and networking tactics to be more along the lines of the new direction we are heading.

What successes in the past year are you most proud of accomplishing?

This year we have seen numbers we have never seen before. Our current high marks that were set this year are: doing chair massage at 8 locations at the same time, having 20 massage therapists doing chair massage at one location at the same time, finding a therapist in the Denver area to accommodate the Denver office for one of our corporate accounts based out of Albuquerque and being named an honoree in the Albuquerque First’s first ever Innovation New Mexico Award event for innovative service to come out of New Mexico in the last two years.

What is your company’s greatest asset?

Our greatest asset would have to be the massage therapists we work with. They go above and beyond at each event. Their willingness to adapt to each situation and to work with the different locations, times, wants and needs of the clients we is have truly something to be appreciated.

What do you offer that the competition doesn’t?

We offer a network of therapists that clients are able to contact and schedule with directly. Clients can go to the network page on our website and find a therapist they are looking for based on: what side of town the therapist has an office on, if they are a mobile therapist, massage modalities, availability and any other focus one could think of when choosing the therapist that would best suit their individual needs. The network page also has links to the massage therapist’s website to help clients make the best informed choice. We also offer a discounted rate for the employees of the companies to do chair massage when they want to purchase gift certificates or schedule their own massage with one of the therapists in our network.

For the massage therapists we offer a chance to build their own clientele through chair massage events where they are paid for being there and can hand our their own business card to the people they work on. The discounted rate that is offered to the staff also benefits the therapist in our network. It keeps the therapist working under their own practice without having to spend money on advertising expenses or their time on attending networking events to find these clients.

What are your growth goals?

We would like to have at least 50 LMTs in the network by the time the year is over. We would also like to have enough chair massage events throughout the week that we can provide each therapist with enough work to help them pay for their office while we help them build their own clientele.

What’s your favorite quote or saying?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. Of you want to go far, go together.”

What do you look for in prospective employees?

We look for therapists who want to have their own clientele. What stage they are in in their career isn’t important. I would rather work with a therapist that is very new to the industry, doesn’t have equipment, doesn’t have an office, doesn’t know how to market themselves but is willing to listen and learn. Willingness to show up on time to as many events as possible and really listen to their clients, someone that wants to grow with the therapists around them is also important. Basically, have something to bring to the table. Even if it’s just a good attitude and a strong work ethic. I once heard someone say, “Hire character, train talent.”
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