Business Profile: Route 66 Veterinary Emergency And Critical Care Center

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Why did you start Rt. 66 VECC??

Dr. Welcome has been passionate about emergency medicine since entering practice and it has been our dream to operate our own facility for many years. We saw a real need for quality emergency veterinary care in southeast Albuquerque and decided to take a leap and fill that hole.

What is your business philosophy?

Our mission is to create positive change in people’s lives through compassionate care for their pets.

What are your strongest business traits?

Providing the highest quality patient care and exceptional customer service is the driver for everything we do. This extends to all facets of our hospital, from treating our delivery drivers with the utmost respect to providing a true family atmosphere for our staff.

Are there any changes coming to the hospital??

We are always growing and changing. We are pleased to announced that Dr. Ashley Reid will be joining our team in August. A native of Los Alamos, Dr. Reid brings a tremendous amount of skill, knowledge and a true love of emergency medicine to our hospital!

What sets you apart from the competition?

We offer medical care and services that are on par with the other emergency services in the city. What truly sets us apart is our desire to minimize the stress of ER visits. We strive for the shortest possible wait times while maintaining our focus on exceptional care and affordability. We are also a locally owned business that understands and is focused on the needs of the local community.

What are your growth goals?

Our ultimate goal is to grow into the premier veterinary and emergency trauma center in New Mexico while never losing site of why we are here in the first place

What contributions to the community are you most proud of?

We are proud to offer very fair prices for emergency care while striving to work with pet owners to provide the best possible care within their means. We have also begun partnering with several rescue organizations to provide emergency services to animals in their care.

What inspires you?

Seeing the gratitude that comes from giving compassionately of ourselves provides the inspiration for all that we do!
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