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Torinos’ @ Home
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“It has always been a dream of ours to own a restaurant,” say Daniel and Jenna John, who met in 2005 and together have been searching for the right opportunity to provide delicious food, free from pesticides and hormones. Daniel was a private chef in Massachusetts and Jenna managed a catering company as well as served in healthcare industry for many years in the Albuquerque Community.

We plan on keeping all of the delicious favorites and adding a few seasonal specialties of our own. We are working on adding a few more gluten free options and adding to the childrens’ menu. We are hoping to work with more local farmers for produce and meat. We are currently adding new vegetables to the menu as we move further into the harvest season with our current growers.

The opportunity to purchase Torinos has been a fulfilling decision. We both can utilize our passion while others enjoy our food and atmosphere. Together with Daniel’s cooking and Jenna’s desire to create an amazing environment, we feel that we can make Torinos @ Home a wonderful family restaurant that our customers can enjoy.
Daniel and Jenna John

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