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Tell us about Calibers indoor shooting range.

Our world class indoor shooting range provides a safe environment for using firearms. Whether it be for practice, training, sports or hobby. No matter the weather, our temperature controlled indoor shooting range is an ideal place for firearm usage.

What is Calibers’ primary goal?

Education and comfort. When speaking of our industry, it can be quite sensitive. There are many mixed feelings when speaking of firearms. Being in a debatable industry, we are not trying to change anyone’s opinion regarding firearms. However, we want to provide people with proper education on safe gun handling and to help them become comfortable around them. Building familiarity and knowledge of things we as once didn’t understand makes us more comfortable and aware.

Some people may ask, “Why should I build familiarity with it? If I do not see it, hear it, or have an interest in it, I am safe.” Education builds knowledge in case you should ever have to handle a gun. Comfort builds confidence, and confidence is key to safety.

What kind of training do you provide?

We offer many different classes such as the New Mexico concealed carry course, where firearm users receive expert guidance in the nuances of carrying a concealed firearm in New Mexico with some of the state’s most experienced instructors.

Trish Hoffman, who has been with APD for over 20 years teaches Calibers’ ladies intro to street smarts and personal safety classes. This course guides the ladies of New Mexico on how to not be a victim and overcome the feeling of being afraid. This course is quite popular for ladies’ day out with friends and mother daughter bonding.

Course schedules and bookings are available online at

Does Calibers offer anything else besides firearms and training?

Yes. Besides firearm accessories such as suppressors, holsters and ammunition, we offer much more. Our gunsmith service is available in both our Cutler and Coors locations. Customers can also conveniently shop online for memberships, products and to sign up for training classes at It is easy to go online, make payments and just walk in and pick up the items at the store, or even get them shipped to your house or preferred federal firearms licensed location.

We also carry safes. They are not made only for storing firearms, but can be utilized for anything valuable. It is not your typical closet safe. The safes we carry are typically over five feet in height, made of steel, contain fire protection and can run up to 3,200 pounds. We also have smart vaults that require thumb prints to open.

What advice do you have for someone who has never used a firearm?

The first rule of gun handling is not to ever point a gun at someone or yourself. Knowledge is key to safety and knowledge can be gained by becoming comfortable around firearms. To do so, it is best to learn more about firearms and how to safely use and store them with a trained professional. There’s less fear and questions about something when we as individuals understand more about it. Calibers is here to assist in gaining that knowledge. Shooting range visits starts at only $20 and firearms are available for rental.

What are your last words to the readers?

Visit us online at to learn more about our products and services. Use the code Alibi20 to get 20% off the six month or one year memberships and Super Shooter cards online. There is a link to add to the cart at the top right of our website.

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Book classes online at

Call us with any questions you may have regarding products, memberships, indoor shooting range visits, kids three-day camp in March or upcoming classes and events. We are open seven days a week.

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