This Is Albuquerque: Filling Philly's

This Is Albuquerque: Filling Philly's

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Where was Filling Philly’s founded?

Actually, we’re a local restaurant. We aren’t a franchise or owned by another restaurant chain. The recipes are our own. We make the sauces daily, including a marinara made from scratch and a killer mustard blend sauce. And the space was designed and constructed by Modulus Design, a local firm. We were insistent on having plenty of parking and an outdoor patio, but we owe them a lot of credit for giving the restaurant a great look and feel.

How did you come up with the concept? This isn’t exactly a typical deli.

We wanted a restaurant you could hang out in. Sandwich places are built to have you leave quickly once you receive your food. We strive to get our food out fast, but we want everyone to feel comfortable, whether they are relaxing on the patio, watching a sporting event or at the bar sampling our 16 local draft beers and local wines.

You’re making a pretty bold claim that your cheesesteaks are Genuine. What is a Genuine cheesesteak?

Out in Philly this is pretty hotly debated, but the top Philly joints use fresh, thinly sliced ribeye, grilled onions, and Cheese Whiz or Provolone. We use ribeye, Amoroso’s rolls from Philadelphia and we throw it all down on a large flat top grill. Other places use steak “pucks” and generic sandwich rolls baked in convection ovens. There’s no comparison.

What’s next for Filling Philly’s?

We’re asked all the time when we are going to open more locations or offer franchises, but for now we’re focused on making great cheesesteaks and delivering on service. This summer we plan on bringing some local entertainment to the courtyard and taking advantage of our huge outdoor patio. We installed a huge garage door that opens up to the main dining area.
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