This Is Albuquerque: Intergalactic Cultural Relations Institute

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Intergalactic Cultural Relations Institute
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The InterGalactic Cultural Relations Institute was founded in October 2015 in Albuquerque, NM, USA Earth, Milky Way Galaxy. The purpose of the institute is to ponder the role of arts and culture in future interplanetary diplomatic relations. The founding of the institute was inspired by the over 20 year development of Spaceport America in south central New Mexico. “When I first learned about the Spaceport being the first commercial flight facility for humans to leave Earth, I wondered if it might also be the first facility that would welcome extraterrestrials to this planet,” states the IGCRI Primary-CoFounder, Agent Fermi.

The “think-tank” organization explores this idea, with two purposes – one to give artist a safe space to communicate and share their ideas about creating art for and inspired by an alien audience, and two, to explore terrestrial cultural policy initiatives that allow artists better access to outer space research and exploration opportunities. “Obviously because we don’t know much about “them” or if they even exist, the inquiry forces people to look deep within themselves to find answers to the questions about why humans are creative, who they create for and what value creativity has – especially on this planet, right now.”

Since its formation, the institute has held gatherings and talks about “creating galacticly”, has celebrated ExtraTrerrestrial Culture Day (as designated by the New Mexico Legislature in 2003) and World Contact Day, every March 15th and is currently producing an intergalactic inspire temporary public art project called the InterGalactic Ambassadors Project. During World Contact Week 2017 (March 15-18) the first ever InterGalactic Ambassadors Assembly will take place at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum to celebrate the role of cultural ambassadors to and from other galaxies. “This art project has pushed artists from ages 9 to 75 to explore the idea of what symbols, colors, forms and messages would provide an open and welcoming message for interplanetary diplomacy.

For more details about the InterGalactic Cultural Relations Institute and the upcoming events at the Balloon Museum in mid-March, please visit the institute’s web site at
Intergalactic Cultural Relations Institute

Intergalactic Cultural Relations Institute

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